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Mario Peterkin (Decartret)

Our technology partners are contracted to deliver and install technology products into the schools under the project and are required to provide warranty support for the designated warranty period. They may optionally be contacted for after warranty support where needed at the schools’ cost. Please contact these Partners for first line warranty support, and escalate to the e-Learning Jamaica Company if you are having any difficulties. Please see partner details below.

DELL Inc. (Support Tel. 1-800-682-3639. Website: www.support.dell.com)

Dell provides warranty support for Computers, Printers, Network Equipment and UPS Units. Support can be accessed through their 1-800-number or website.

Massy Technologies (28 Balmoral Ave, Kgn 10. Tel. 876-926-3490 or 1-888-991-2271. Website: www.illuminatnm.com)

Massy Technologies provides warranty support and repairs for audio visual equipment including; Multimedia Projectors, Document Cameras, Scanners, DVD Players, Video Cameras, Televisions.

ModOffice by EHC Industries Ltd. (16 Retirement Rd. Kgn 5. Tel. 876-968-8000. Website: www.modoffice.com)

ModOffice provides warranty support for the Computer Desks and Chairs.

Computer Environmental Solutions (Tel. 876-926‑2935) e-mail: [email protected]

Computer Environmental Solutions provide support for the UPSes as a sub-contractor of Dell.

MediaNet Ltd. (19-22 Ballater Ave. Kgn 10. Tel. 876-754-5784  email: [email protected])

Medianet provides support for the Network infrastructure and Air-condition units as a subcontractor of Dell.

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions (Jamaica) Limited (18 Belmont Rd. Kgn 5. Tel. 876-926-7567 or 876-926-7573. Website: www.fujitsu.com/caribbean)

Fujitsu provides installation support for the computers on the project.