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What’s Happening in our High Schools

The Balaclava High School is one of the many schools that is a part of the e-Learning Jamaica Project and has benefited from its use of technology. The school however uses the technology through the organization of lesson plans; the training of teachers otherwise known as Technology Integration as well as it aids in the development of teaching and learning. The technology is also being utilized by means of Remedial Class sessions otherwise known as Enrichment programmes.

As the picture depicts, students at the Cumberland High School use the technology to assist with the listening skills of students. The technology also allows students to be more interactive through learning exercises such as Mathematics games while on the same hand it gives both teachers and students the ability to do research. The Cumberland High School employs the use of the technology as a means to download necessary files needed from different subject websites for example Information Technology while on the same hand it allows for the printing and marking of multiple choice scripts. Teachers as well as students also benefit from the use of these technologies as it helps to advance their typing skills through tutorial programmes such as Mavis Beacon.
 Garvey Maceo High Schoolutilizes the technology through PowerPoint Presentations and Multimedia Projectors as this contributes to the successful delivery of content to students and improves their approach to learning. Facilitators along with students have also gained from the use of Spreadsheets and Word Processing Software by means of fulfilling lesson plans and to generate tests, examinations and results.
The Steer Town Primary and Junior High School like many other schools has been using the different technologies to help students get a better understanding of the various concepts. This is done through the use of laptops, projectors and document cameras as a means to get students to build on the way in which they interact within the classroom.
At Bethlehem Moravian College the use of technology is clearly evident among staff and students alike. The computers installed assist student with assignments to be completed in an effective and efficient manner. On the same hand, technological items such as DVD players, projectors etc are used by both and teachers to improve learning and facilitate students in the delivery of their presentation.
Oracabessa High Schoolhas taken a different approach with the use of their technology by using the internet to generate podcasts to students and to demonstrate intensifying videos by science teachers for example. In addition, technologies such as laptops, projectors and document cameras are utilized by facilitators to assist in the delivery of various lessons for example, Visual Arts. With the use of computers at the schools disposal, both teachers and most importantly students are able to do extensive research to aid in the completion of assignments and researches. However what is of utmost importance, all computers at the school are used to train teachers so they are better able to incorporate the use of technology into the delivery of their lessons.
 The Spalding High School is one of the many schools that is a part of the e-Learning Jamaica Project that employs the technology to improve the learning of students. This is done through the use of projectors and laptops to provide students with visual imagery as a means for them to better understand what is being discussed. For example as the picture above illustrates a teacher emphasizing the use of semi conductor devices during their Electrical Engineering class. Students are also given firsthand experience on how to operate machines such as the scanner and the Document camera which is also used to display the works of students during class time.
 Technology at the Titchfield High School is used for a multiplicity of reasons, with the most important being all technologies contribute to the successful delivery of class presentations both for students as well as teachers. Workshops at the school have also benefited from the use of these technologies as they give participants a more hands approach of what I being discussed.
 Cornwall College uses the equipments for general teaching purposes which as a result makes it more interacting and engaging for students. It also aids in bringing out the creative side of students through mediums such as class presentations.
 The Herbert Morrison Technical High has taken a different approach in utilizing the different technologies available to them which as a result makes learning more entertaining for students. The technologies are used strike a balance between echoic and iconic learning styles. Students have now become exposed to media related career paths such as journalism that is not a part of the schools syllabus. Classes are also joined together with International classes by means of the technology used, while on the same hand students in grades 7-8 are given the opportunity to become familiar with practical software usage. The television project is one development that has materialized due to the use of the many technologies found within the school. As a result students are no engaged in script writing, video editing, styling and broadcasting.
The McGrath High School is one of the many schools that has benefited from the internet support students in their research and completion of their assignments; create PowerPoint presentations for class and other school functions. As such this builds on the creativity of students and makes them more technologically inclined. Teachers on the other hand, use technologies such as vcrs, cd players and multimedia projectors to make presentations, record a variety of school functions and push students to become more appreciative of subjects for example Mathematics.
St. Hildas Diocesan High School makes use of the technology received from the e-Learning Jamaica Project for a variety of purposes. These take into account, to demonstrate concrete objects in Science classes, to allocate class work to students using computer software that has been installed and scan photos that are to be used during class sessions and in the creation of examination papers. On the same hand, the technologies are used for presentation purposes during lessons, and most importantly for students to use to conclude assignments and arry out research.
Tacky High School makes use of the technology provided to complete assignments such as SBA’s online, to help in the manner in which the lesson is delivered to students and majority of the schools report are done line. In addition, training of teachers and the labs such as the reading lab at the school utilizes the technology to improve the literacy level of their students.

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