"e-Learning is Free Learning" | Government of Jamaica 


Students, Did you know that the government of Jamaica spent US$50 million to equip you schools and teachers with technology and training to help you to learn more?

Each High School on average received;

– 2 Computer Labs with a total of 57 desktop computers
– 24 Laptop computers for teachers to use in class rooms
– 16 Multimedia Projects to use in classrooms
– 1 Mobile Cart holding 10 specially designed student Netbook computers and wireless router
– 3 High speed Laser printers
– A local network that connects labs, libraries, staff rooms and classrooms used by grade 10 and 11 students
– 4 -5 Document cameras
– Video Cameras, Scanners, Televisions, DVD players

Did you know that there are 15,000 multiple choice practice questions in 11 CSEC subject areas accessible via the e-Learning Website?

Did you know that project has created over 200 learning video clips on concepts in the CSEC syllabus for 11 subjects, distributed to the schools on DVDs and available on the e-Learning Website. You can access the learning resources below;

Youtube resources

Now you can access over 100 videos on Youtube covering various topics from CSEC subjects including Math, English, Chemistry, Biology and Information Technology. Videos are currently being created for additional subjects such Integrated Science, Physics, Geography, Social Studies, Spanish and Building Technology.


A comprehensive set of instructional materials for both teachers and students for grades 10and11 in all eleven (11) CXC CSEC subjects. These are: English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Integrated Science, Resource Technology/Information Technology, Spanish, Geography, Building Technology, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Study Zone

This zone is designed to provide useful information about different areas for teachers, parents and students. Becoming familiar with the different units will take away the “fear of the unknown” aspect and build confidence in students.

Tablet Vibes

The Ministry of Science, Technology Energy and Mining (MSTEM) in association with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited (e-LJam) presents ‘Tablet Vibes’ a five minute radio drama series highlighting the implementation of the Tablets in Schools (TIS) Pilot Project, The Good, The Bad, The Scary and the exciting aspects.


Discover, Share, and Study presentations and infographics from e-learning Jamaica Company on the world’s largest professional content sharing community.

Microsoft Learning

Explore lessons to inspire your classroom, created by educators and experts from across the globe.

Ministry of Education Portal

Discover, learn and share with content from The Ministry of Education’s Portal.