"e-Learning is Free Learning" | Government of Jamaica 

Technology Infrastructure


The project provided a variety of equipment and technology to facilitate the use of digital content in Teaching including;

  • Multi-media equipment, to facilitate interactive teacher presentations
  • Desktops and laptops in staff rooms, resource rooms, libraries, group labs, connected by a LAN
  • Network connectivity in grade 10 and 11 classrooms

In addition a Central Repository for Educational Materials (CREM) will be set-up at the Ministry of Education.

Average provision per school includes;

  • 57 Desktop Computers
  • 26 Laptops Computers
  • 3 Laser Printers
  • 1 Computer Server
  • 16 Multimedia Projectors and screens
  • 4 Document Cameras
  • Two Digital Video Cameras
  • 5 DVD Players
  • 2 Television sets
  • 2 Document Scanners
  • 2 Interactive whiteboards
  • 95 network access points
  • UPS
  • Air Conditioning for Labs

The Central Repository will be in the form of a high availability web portal providing access to educational content as well as services such as Clip Art galleries, discussion forums, chat rooms and Question banks.