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Primary School Project

Brandon Nepaul (Munro College)756x567PROJECT OVERVIEW

The e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited (e-LJam) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education has been charged with the responsibility to develop and implement an e-Learning project in the primary schools. The project would focus on the use of ICT to assist in teaching and learning in the over 800 primary level institutions island wide in Jamaica.



  • To identify appropriate Technology solutions for treatment of literacy and numeracy deficiencies in students as well any other priority set by the MOE
  • To ensure that teachers are prepared/trained to take full advantage of technologies provided for the development of the students
  • To provide support strategy to ensure technology can be maintained despite limited resources especially at this level
  • Help the MOE to take full advantage of diagnostic resources available to identify student learning challenges



  • Provision of Computing technology for use by teachers and students
  • Provision of affordable Educational Software and content to help Teachers treat specific Literacy and Numeracy deficiencies
  • Provision of means to help make diagnostic skills and tools more easily available to all schools
  • Training of Teacher to use education software and other content
  • Implementation Support and monitoring with the MOE



To complete the project development while piloting some of the technologies in some communities:

  • Complete initial project concept and plan with appropriate solutions and budget
  • Complete feasibility study
  • Seek Cabinet approval and secure funds
  • Identify readiness criteria for selection of first batch of schools
  • Start Training if possible
  • Start to develop sustainability strategies



  1. Teachers will have more tools to help customise treatment
  2. Student achievement leading to higher level of confidence and esteem.
  3. Increase in parent enthusiasm and involvement.
  4. MOE to support the model for early intervention.
  5. Increase the level of grade 4 mastery of literacy and numeracy

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