"e-Learning is Free Learning" | Government of Jamaica 


Welcome to the World of e-Learning in Jamaica

Parents, did you know that the government of Jamaica spent US$50 million to equip you schools and teachers with technology and training to help you to learn more?

Each High School on average received;

  • 2 Computer Labs with a total of 57 desktop computers
  • 24 Laptop computers for teachers to use in class rooms
  • 16 Multimedia Projects to use in classrooms
  • 1 Mobile Cart holding 10 specially designed student Netbook computers and wireless router
  • 3 High speed Laser printers
  • A local network that connects labs, libraries, staff rooms and classrooms used by grade 10 and 11 students
  • 4 -5 Document cameras
  • Video Cameras, Scanners, Televisions, DVD players

Did you know that there are 15,000 multiple choice practice questions in 11 CSEC subject areas accessible via the e-Learning Website?

Did you know that project has created over 200 learning video clips on concepts in the CSEC syllabus for 11 subjects, distributed to the schools on DVDs and available on the e-Learning Website. We are also working on producing an additional 280 video clips to be availble shortly.

Also to be delivered in another four to six months, two interactive whiteboard solutions for each school, one to be fixed in a resource room and another that can be taken into individual classroom to raise the level of participation in lessons.

Our funding partner the USF is also implementing a high speed network to connect all high schools providing high speed internet and a private connection to the Ministry of Education and other High Schools.