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Ed. Tech. Jamaica – Technology Symposium


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Technology Symposium-

“Transforming Education in Jamaica through eLearning”

November 20, 2012

Knutsford Court Hotel, Kingston Jamaica

The e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited in association with the Educational Technologist from Teachers’ Colleges of Jamaica is pleased to invite you to our inaugural Educational Technology symposium.  This inaugural event will be held under the theme “Transforming Education in Jamaica through eLearning”.  Our Keynote speaker will be the innovative Dr. David Vogt, an expert in integration of new and emerging technologies from the University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada.

Educators from over three hundred learning institutions are expected to attend this event as we seek to impact all levels of the Jamaican education system. Experts in secondary and tertiary education will have robust networking opportunities; learn about the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in e-learning; interact in session presentations; and gain access to the latest research and best practices.

Registration is now open! Registration form (PDF)

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Registration closes on November 16, 2012

Keynote Speaker

Dr. David Vogt

Academic Advisor/Learning Technologies Innovator

Masters of Education Technology (MET) Program

The University of British Columbia

Learning to Learn in a Digital Age

Until now, for all of human history, the path to knowledge has been about “education”.  That is, knowledge was so scarce and fragile that it was kept in special places, by various kinds of experts.  If you wanted some knowledge you needed to go to one of those special places to be “educated”.  Being humble and attentive, some of that precious resource could be imparted to you through a formal process of teaching, instruction and study.

Not anymore. We’ve cultivated our fragile garden of knowledge so well that it has blossomed and grown beyond our imagination.  It is everywhere.  It is flourishing.  It is overwhelming.  There is really no such thing as an “expert” anymore, nor any point for a teacher to pretend to be an authority on any part of knowledge.  In fact, with the Internet, a person doesn’t even need to leave their home, anywhere in the world, to consume the best knowledge about any subject.

So the path to knowledge is suddenly all about “learning”.  It is about how individuals who want to know something can be fulfilled, often entirely on their own.  Communities are still critically important for instilling a love for learning, and the formal processes in schools need to help us learn how to learn, for life.

David Vogt is a learning technologies innovator and entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada, who will share his love for the future of learning.

Other Speaker/Presenters

Wayne Sinclair – Animation

Mrs. Yvonne McCalla Sobers – ICT Bridging the Gap

Dr. Donna Powell-Wilson –  Are we there yet Technology Integration in the Classroom

Keisha Edwards Hamilton & Venturo Bryan – Google Apps for Educators

Monica Campbell – Prezi as Presentation Tool

Mrs. Denise Stoney – James and Mrs. Norma Williams – “Skydriving” in the classroom

Kerry-Ann Henry – Using Art Based Technology in the Classroom

Mr. Allan Fung – Cloud Computing

Ms. Ritwa Smith – Google in the Classroom

Mr. Conroy Hall – Idroo in the Mathematics Classroom

Mr. Sean Thorpe – Cyber-crime Challenges within Data Cloud (University Case Scenario)

Mr. Phillip Chen – Use of ExamView Software

Mr. Christopher Bedward – Online Request for Equipment

Mrs. Kerene Nelson-Monteith – Technology in the Teaching of Spanish

Ms. Clity Stennett – Use of Edmodo in the Teaching of Spanish

Mr. Winston Ewards – e-Learning equipment usage and its integration in the area of Mathematics

Vschools – Blended Learning



Registration form (PDF)

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