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Third Party Applications

e-Learning Jamaica is not adverse to third party vendors trying to peddle their wares in schools. On occasion, third party vendors have been recommended to resolve issues when we are unable to do so due to constraints.  Both the schools and third parties however, have a responsibility to ensure that the changes made do not significantly impact, hinder, threaten or remove the applications, configurations and overall security of the network infrastructure in the process.

Below is a document which speaks specifically to an application called School Management System (SMS) which is being used in many schools. There are specific guidelines which must be adhered to for the application to coexist in the e-learning infrastructure. Bear in mind that if the guidelines set out in the document are too stringent to follow, the alternative is to run the application from an unconnected network where it will not cause any concerns.

The same guidelines outlined can be applied generally to all third parties offering products of services to enhance the capabilities of schools. The thing to remember is that though new products may offer new features  it may also impact on pre-existing capabilities negatively. As a result a very delicate balance is required between both as we try to move forward.

Our invitation is always open to offer advice if ever you have doubts about anything that concerns your schools.  Let us all continue to work together towards enhancing education as we build our nation.

Guidelines for Use of SMS in Schools