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Android for younger kids and toddlers

11 Apr 2012, High Point, North Carolina, USA --- Young boy at table with tablet. --- Image by © Ron Royals/Corbis

You should ideally avoid leaving younger kids or toddlers alone with your Android phone/tablet at all. Obviously you’ll be there to keep an eye on them, but for those moments when your attention is focused elsewhere on a call or making dinner, you can install apps to ensure that they don’t get up to anything they shouldn’t.

Kids Mode by Zoodles and Kids Place are highly rated and you’ll find plenty more on offer in Google Play. With Kids Mode the phone is locked down to the app and you can select what games and apps your child has access to. The child lock features ensure no random calls, in-app purchases, or ad click-throughs.

The lock-down options are pretty standard, what elevates Kids Mode is the free content. There’s a simple art package, stories, games, and cartoons. You can also set up different profiles for different kids. The parent dashboard is accessed via a separate icon and it gives you good control over what content your child can access. There are optional premium features like a violence filter and the ability to promote specific subjects, but the free version will be powerful enough for most people.

Apps and games

You’ll find a wealth of Android apps and games for children in Google Play. Our three year-old especially loves Talking Tom Cat, AniWorld free animal kids game, and Kids Preschool Puzzle. Babies are obviously too young for Android in general, but you can get help sending them off to the land of nod with apps like Sleep Sounds.

Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat



Older kids will pick their own games, but you might encourage them to use apps like Evernote, WolframAlpha, and MathStudio to help them stay organized and study.