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Established in 2005, The e-Learning Jamaica Co. Ltd. is an Agency of the Ministry responsible for the Telecommunication portfolio. banner-transp1-264x300The Company is funded largely from the Universal Access Fund. Its core functions are;

– to implement the e-Learning Project in the High Schools in the first instance

– to promote the integration and infusion of technology in the education system

– to act as the implementation arm for approved interventions funded through the Universal Access Fund established under the Telecommunications Act 2000.

The first major project started in 2005, involved the use to technology to improve teaching and learning capabilities in some 180 High Schools, Teachers colleges and special schools throughout the island. Read more here.

The Company is now looking at other things including the developing a project to improve teaching and learning in some 800 Primary and All-age institutions. Read more here.

The e-ljam Board of Directers

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  • the eljam staff and CEO
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The e-ljam Staff

Testimonies from Schools

  • Mrs. Margaret Brisset-Bolt, Principal from Holy Trinity High
  • Mrs. Orinthia Brown-Thompson, Teacher from Homestead Primary
  • Dr. Dian Bowen, Lecturer/Board Member from Sam Sharpe Teachers' College
  • Mrs. Veronica Ford-Johnson, Student Teacher from Sam Sharpe Teachers' College
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Testimonies from Parents & Students